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A month or two after Zako’s Deli (my former go to for Montreal smoked meat) closed down signs went up saying Big Smoke Burger was coming soon. Big Smoke is a burger chain that started in Toronto, but has since expanded into the States and the Middle East. They pride themselves on their use of fresh ingredients, an open-flame grill, and locally sourced ingredients when possible. Their menu is extensive in its offering of beef, chicken, veggie, and lamb burgers as well as all the appropriate sides and sauces. For their soft-opening they promised free burgers all day, but ran out by 1 pm because of the hordes of customers (pro-tip: any offer of ‘free’ in Vancouver will draw 2 block long line ups). After work on Thursday I walked by on my way back to the train and decided to pop in for lunch.

Craft Burger


  • “Sautéed mushrooms, rosemary garlic mayo, lettuce and tomato”
  • The cashier promptly informed me that all of their burgers are served medium-well, so to expect a bit of pink. Perfect! I appreciated them informing their customers that this is intentional
  • The burger patty was well seasoned, not at all dry, and had good taste from being grilled on an open-flame
  • The mushrooms and rosemary garlic mayo made me feel like I was having a deluxe dining experience as I watched the 99-B Line rumble by every other minute

Onion Rings


  • As far as I’m concerned A&W makes the best onion rings of any fast food restaurant, but I hate how the onion and the breading get separated when you eat them
  • Big Smoke fixes everything that’s wrong with A&W’s already awesome rings. Crispy without being greasy, perfectly seasoned, and stay together when you bite into them

Overall Big Smoke Burger is a good new restaurant in Vancouver, with its location making it ideal for a quick lunch. There really aren’t many (good) places that specialize in good burgers in Vancouver so I will definitely be coming back. Next time I’m up to try their poutine and maybe one of their beef-alternative burgers

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